Boy hires hitman to kill parents after grounding denies PlayStation, TV

We've certainly gotten cranky after being denied some quality gaming time, but 16-year-old Cory Ryder took it to the next level by attempting to hire a hitman to kill his parents after they took away his PlayStation and denied him television. Seems young Cory had been making threats around the house, so his mom hired a cop to pose as a hitter -- and Cory took the bait, offering up his dad's truck as payment. After a couple rounds of "negotiations," the officer revealed himself and arrested Cory for attempted murder, for which he's now awaiting trial. Of course, you'd think that having a hitman conveniently show up after you'd been threatening to kill your parents might set off an alarm or two, but Cory's apparently not the brightest bulb around -- his PlayStation was confiscated due to failing grades.

[Via Joystiq]