VIA offers a cheapo gPC "dev kit" motherboard

Been dying to cobble together some code for one of those high-falutin', big-ticket Everex gPCs, but just couldn't scrape together the $199? Well friends, fear not -- your spot in the poor house won't keep you from writing that killer app, thanks to VIA's generous offering of the $60 "dev board." What can you expect from this package? Well first off, it's not a package, it's a mediocre motherboard with a "bundled" CD of the gOS. The Linux-based gOS addition isn't really too impressive, considering it's open source, free, and available for download from Everex's site... but hey, who's keeping score? Slap on a case, power supply, hard drive, optical drive, memory, keyboard, and mouse, and you've got yourself a real honey of a system. If you can do it for less than $200 -- you've made out like a bandit.

[Via LinuxDevices]