Best Buy's "Black Friday" shaping up nicely with $200 PC

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Best Buy's "Black Friday" shaping up nicely with $200 PC
Sure, Wal-Mart's $100 Toshiba HD-A2 is going to be a little hard to beat this holiday season, but Best Buy is proving no slacker in the Black Friday price war. Turns out they've got a $200 eMachines desktop on offer, complete with 17-inch LCD. Unfortunately, it'll cost you a fair bit more to get an HD player: Best Buy will have a Philips Blu-ray player for $400, but you can nab an Xbox 360 and a copy of Guitar Hero II (with guitar) for $350 at a more significant level of bargain-ness. Yeah, nothing's blowing our mind like that HD-A2, but it looks like there's going to be plenty of cheap-as-free electronics for adventerous shoppers to fight over in a couple weeks.

[Via The Boy Genius Report]
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