Rumor: 360 DivX support to be a Fall feature

During a recent earnings report presentation, DivX CEO Kevin Hell might have revealed a bit too much regarding DivX support on the Xbox 360.

JP Morgan analyst Paul Coster asked Hell about DivX support that was added to Microsoft's Media Extender and if that foreshadowed a release to the Xbox 360. Hell's response was an enthusiastic "Yes!" followed by a semi-awkward, backpedaling clarification that went something like ... "that, uh, we're in discussions with Microsoft on that at this point in time, so I can't go into any great detail on that. Um that is not a certified, that is not a certified or licensed product at this time."

His response may not sound like confirmation of DivX headed to the 360, but simply reading the quote doesn't paint the whole picture. According to those who attended the conference, it was how he answered the question thta was most revealing. Hell was very enthusiastic at first when he answered "Yes!" and then he quickly tried to backpedal and change the subject. Was it a slip of the tongue or a simple misunderstanding? No one is certain, but we wouldn't be surprised to see DivX support added to the 360 this December.

[Thanks, Evan Walsh]