Pinnacle reveals ShowCenter 250HD media receiver

As the flood of media receivers continue to pour out, we've noticed a new one from Pinnacle Systems that comes with 802.11b/g WiFi built-in, hearts Macs and PCs alike (according to the PR, at least) and handles HD streaming like it's its job. The ShowCenter 250HD is a self-proclaimed "plug-and-play digital media adapter" that includes an Ethernet jack, UPnP support and the ability to play nice with HD WMV, DivX HD or MPEG2 video formats. Additionally, this unit understands AVI, XviD, MP3, WMA and PCM WAV files (among others), and includes a myriad ports including USB 2.0, composite / S-Video / component video outputs, a pair of stereo audio outs and coaxial / optical digital audio jacks. If you just noticed a hint of drool rolling down the left side of your mouth, casually wipe it up and bust out your credit card, as this one will only run you $199.99 at a number of fine e-tailers.

[Via Uber-Review]