Smart closet tells clueless geeks what to wear

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
November 19th, 2007
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Smart closet tells clueless geeks what to wear

If you count yourself as one of a legion of the "clothes clueless," then this smart closet could be the end of your troubles. It sounds as if you'll need a wardrobe full of RFID tagged clothes for it to work -- although the specific technology isn't clear -- but once your clothes are wired sown up, your wardrobe will inform you when you "accidentally" choose the same clothes the second time you meet the same person, and will give you advice on the correct shoes to go with your outfit, among other hints. Of course, the inventors have overlooked an array of paradoxes here (if you're organized enough to set this up, you've gotta have some common sense) but we like the wackiness of the idea anyway. If the future's anything like this, we better be ready for a whole lot of patronizing machines.

[Via The Raw Feed]
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