Blitz Play Hero III game uses RFID, WiFi, and modified DS's to do...something

We're not even going to pretend like we know exactly what the players who gather to play Blitz Play Hero III are attempting to accomplish -- with phrases like "level 2: DRAW with CHALK within certain subjectively chosen (psychogeographic) WiFi areas and PLACE RFID-tags - all analogous- old school tagging!" sprinkled liberally around the website, it seems likely that we don't really even posses the necessary chemicals to understand what's happening here. Regardless, the game features RFID light up Christmas tree badges connected to modified Nintendo DSs running a homebrew "game controller," a little creative warchalking, and an system of scoring that appears to center around graffiti-ing Nintendo D-pads everywhere. That sounds like a little slice of awesome, no matter what the rules -- but if anyone can tell us how all this will somehow result in "the LIVE concert is simulated over Bergen: A BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE with a virtual RFID SOUNDSCAPE concert!" in the spring of 2008, do please let us know in comments? Thanks.

[Via Make]