STMicroelectronics unveils three-input active HDMI switch

Chances are, you'll never actually see a STDVE003A unless you just so happen to crack open your HDTV, but STMicroelectronics is hoping that you notice its presence without disassembling anything. The aforementioned chip is being hailed as the first HDMI switch on planet Earth to support a video data-transfer rate of up to 3.4Gbps, which enables TV designers to "provide as many as three input ports while using only a single HDMI receiver chip." Furthermore, it supports full 16-bit color, is compliant with HDMI 1.3 specifications and features an integrated equalizer to "overcome signal degradation when long (greater than 20-meters) and lossy cables are used." The active digital multiplexer also supports DDC (Display Data Channel) and HPD (Hot-Plug Detect) data switching, and while we're not told when these are likely to debut in actual sets, volume production is slated to start this quarter.