T-Mobile responds to Vodafone iPhone injunction: $1,500 unlocked iPhones

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Thomas Ricker
November 21, 2007 12:16 PM
T-Mobile responds to Vodafone iPhone injunction: $1,500 unlocked iPhones

T-Mobile just issued a press release in response to Vodafone's efforts to unravel the iPhone exclusive offering in Germany. In the statement, T-Mobile claims that they will appeal the ruling (they have two weeks to do so) and will continue selling the iPhone unabated. T-Mobile defends the locking strategy as good for consumers who receive preferential data rates and access to T-Mobile hotspots as a result. In addition, T-Mobile says that it will likely claim damages against Vodafone for the mess they're causing. Perhaps T-Mob hasn't noticed all the free press they (and Apple) are receiving?

Update: Reuters confirms that T-Mobile will sell the iPhone in Germany unlocked -- that will be the first unlocked iPhone officially available. The catch: it's €999! That's $1,478 at the current exchange rate for a phone which cost €399 (with contract) just a few minutes ago. Hackers and unlockers, your services are still required.

[Via Pocket-lint]
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