Shoogle feedback mechanisms alert you of mobile messages, battery life

We've certainly heard of (and heard, too) cellphones pretending to be something they're not, but Shoogle ups the ante by adding a level of utility that we wish was already widely available. By utilizing accelerometers, vibrators and internal speakers, the creators of Shoogle have conjured up software that enables users to check their mobile's battery life and for unread / unheard messages by just shaking the handset. Put simply, a variety of sounds and vibrations allow the cellphone to feel as if blocks or liquid is trapped within, and all it takes is a quick shake to determine if any contacts are waiting for your response or if you need to make haste in locating the nearest AC outlet. Currently, only basic trials have been conducted, but more widespread testing is already in the cards. Oh, and just in case you were crossing your fingers for a video demonstration, feel free to straighten your digits and click on through for a glimpse.

[Via NewScientistTech]