PC Rush orders up 10000 HD VMD players: any takers?

If you'll recall, New Medium Enterprises proudly announced that it had landed a tried and true US distributor for its HD VMD player way back in February, and now the firm is letting everyone know that PC Rush will be taking delivery of 10,000 multilayer players. Starting next month, the e-tailer will be offering up the 1080p players online, and it's also noted that the devices will reach unspecified brick and mortar outlets courtesy of Distenex, a sister company of PC Rush. Granted, these very players were previously available to US customers via Amazon, but now it seems that orders are no longer being accepted. We still have no idea who here will actually head out (or hop online) to pick one of these up this holiday season, so we'll start by asking you -- anyone gonna shrug off HD DVD / Blu-ray and hop on the rebel's bandwagon?