M-Audio rolls out MicroTrack II digital audio recorder

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M-Audio rolls out MicroTrack II digital audio recorder
M-Audio sure took their time churning out a follow-up to its original MicroTrack digital audio recorder, but it looks like the company has finally put the finishing touches on the long-awaited (for some) successor, with the MicroTrack II now making its debut. As before, this one records onto CompactFlash cards, and will give you two-channel, 24-bit/96KHz audio recording in your choice of WAV or MP3 formats. New this time around, however, is an extended input gain range, an analog input limiter and, perhaps most importantly, seamless recording of files larger than 2GB in size. If that's enough to convince you to upgrade, you should be able to grab this one shortly (if not already) for a list price of $400, which includes an electret t-shaped microphone, editing software, a carrying case, and some other goodies.

[Via Electronista]
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