BlackJack revisited: Samsung readying "Ace" smartphone for Sprint?

From a distance, this thing looks just a little too much like the BlackJack (the old one, not the new) for comfort -- but when you zoom in a bit, it looks like Samsung's spinning a few cute touches into its SPH-i325 "Ace" for Sprint. Mobiledia has this one pegged for the first quarter of next year, offering a Windows Mobile Standard alternative to the BlackBerrys of the world with a slim shell, QWERTY keyboard, and landscape QVGA display; it's probably not going to make any BlackJack II owners envious, but at least this gives Sprint customers a chance to keep up with the Joneses. Even better, Boy Genius Report claims that we might see a little GSM radio stuffed in there for the globetrotters in the crowd. Anyone have an old Samsung Ace for Mobile ESPN, by the way?

[Via Boy Genius Report]