Nokia's Eco Sensor concept gets right with the greens

In the slow crawl of news leading up to our annual CES blowout, we bring you this, the Nokia Eco Sensor concept device. The device consists of two parts: a wearable mobile phone (duh, it's Nokia) with giant display and a remote sensing unit which keeps tabs on your health and external environment. Nokia research envisions that the sensor unit would be worn on a wrist or neck strap made of solar cells. It would then communicate back to your phone via near field communications (NFC) or RFID. What you monitor (i.e., the sensors you get) will be customizable based on user preference. You know, like the burn from your jetpack and rate of your daily food replication. Thanks for the look into the future Nokia, now get back to your S60 development please, time's a'wastin'.

[Via Unwired View]