UPOP "PMP" treads dangerously close to UMPC territory

We've already seen some so-called PMPs that are seemingly secretly longing to be a UMPC, but none have tread quite so closely as UPOP's latest device, which likely won't let you ditch you laptop altogether but should get the job done in a pinch. Helping it in that respect is the unit's combination touchscreen (4.8-inch) and full QWERTY keyboard, along with your choice of 30GB or 60GB hard drives, built-in WiFi, a DMB TV tuner, and an SD card slot for expansion, not to mention Windows CE 5.0 Professional for an OS. Unfortunately, there's no word on what it'll cost, and we have sneaking suspicion that it won't be making its way over here anytime soon, but those looking to blur device boundaries could certainly do worse than seeking one of these out.

[Via PMP Today]