CompUSA sends out layoff letters: bad service extends to employees, too

Would you check out this layoff slip CompUSA sent around? We know we shouldn't expect their director of HR to get all blubbery or anything, but it's like the corporation really is as soulless as it gets credit for. Like, you're really going to sit in your office in Texas and write a hundred word letter that instantly puts thousands of people out of a job, and the best you can do is "We thank you for your service to CompUSA, Inc."? Thanks for peppering in that "Inc." there, sure it made everyone feel great, but not even a personal anecdote or something? We're actually a little surprised they didn't finish it off with "and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." Man, even in the throes of death CompUSA treats people like garbage.

P.S. -Upshot to the vultures in the audience, liquidation is beginning within the next week or two at certain stores, so keep an eye out for going-out-of-business carrion.

[Thanks, CompUSA Employee]