Crapgadget: USB Santa boots, SMB mushroom lamps, awful PMPs, and more

It's been a prolific week for crappy gadget manufacturers, which means it's been a frighteningly sad week for us, since we have to go over all this stuff whether we like it or not. That's right, it's another edition of our newest running series, Crapgadget, in which we round up the worst of the worst. Enjoy the crap out of this, okay? We nearly gouged our eyes out in the making.

Read - USB Santa Boots: because attaching your shoes to your desk is so very practical. [Via Geeksugar]
Read - The Super Mario Brothers USB mushroom lamp: Never has $13 so thoroughly ensured your virginity.
Read - Faux-steampunk webcam: It's amazing that the designer probably wasn't trying for steampunk, yet screwed it up so badly. [Via TechDigest]
Read - Slipper Mouse with programmable pedals: Look ma, no hands! Or dignity! [Thanks, Todd]
Read - Luckystar MTV format PMP: Has anyone ever actually seen an MTV format video file? Were they happy about it? [Via PMP Today]
Read - Tongfang Quadro-Platinum PMP: Just when you thought Tongfang was crawling to respectability, it busts this Pat Booned Zune up at you. [Via PMP Today]
Read - Chocolate bar concept hard drive: In case you didn't have enough drive letters to keep track of. [Via Pocket-lint]
Read - Gas-powered RC Hummer monster truck: Not wasting enough gas in your real Hummer? Why not spend $700 on a toy one? [Via BeSportier]