Hands-on with the Philips BDP-7200 Blu-ray player

Philips just wrapped up their press conference, and we got our hands on their new BDP-7200 Blu-ray player. It looks like a pretty standard Profile 1.1 player, albeit with rounded corners and bezel pretties to match the language across the Philips Design Collection. The press release is kinda sketchy on the internals of this player -- no surprise, as Philips is emphasizing style over specs in their lineup. Consistent with that play, features like Philips EasyLink (aka CEC) gets billing over the internals. So the jury's still out on how the DeepColor, 1080p24 looks out of this unit. But if you're looking for a Blu-ray player to round out your other Philips gear, this one's easy on the eyes -- check it out for yourself in the gallery.