Mark/Space delivers Missing Sync for iPhone

Have iPhone and need sync? Mark/Space delivers a bit of joy for your phone with Missing Sync, well, at least kinda. What it does deliver is a super slick way to move your calendar, contacts, and photos, from an older phone -- think Windows Mobile, Palm, or BlackBerry -- to your iPhone, but the big fun seems to mostly stop there. Once you've migrated -- if that was even on your list of things to do -- you'll be able to sync your iPhone's notes, calendar, SMS messages, and contacts with your Mac. While features like being able to categorize, search, and sort SMS messages, notes, and logs are pretty handy, we'd have really liked to see note sync working both ways. Crossgrades are available for qualifying products for $25 with the full version ringing in for a wallet slapping $40 at the register.

[Via TUAW]