ViewSonic introduces the 30-series and 90-series midsize HDTVs

In addition to the new 42- and 47-inch models in the 85 series, ViewSonic is introducing two entirely new lines -- say hello to the 30- and 90-series HDTVs. The 30 series is the smaller end of the scale, with the 1366x768 15.6-inch N1630w, the 1440x900 19-inch N1930w, and the 22-inch, 1680x1050 N2230w. On the other side of things, the five new models of the 90 series range from the 26-inch, 1366x768 N2690w to the 1080p, 52-inch N5290w. ViewSonic says the N1930w and N2290w will be out in March, the N1630w and N3290w will be out in April, and everything else will hit in May, with prices ranging from $249 to $2,499.