iriver 3-inch touchscreen "GSM phone" headed for the States

Iriver's been pushing out all sorts of product at this year's CES, but this is the biggest surprise from the company yet. The "iriver GSM phone" is an iPhone-esque handset featuring a 3-inch 480 x 272 touchscreen, and a Linux-based UI that is practically mimics the iPhone feature for feature. The actual hardware is quite similar to iriver's own W7. According to PC Mag, the phone has 4GB of flash storage, Rhapsody and other media support, a two megapixel camera (with video, take that Apple), Adobe Flash support, GPS and mobile TV (it's unclear what type). While we're not sure what sort of wireless options this has, like WiFi or 3G, and what carriers will support it, iriver has committed to bring this to the States. Iriver's Owen Kwon promises the phone will be "more affordable" than the iPhone, but otherwise there's no other info on release. There's video of the phone after the break.