This Wednesday: Just Undertow (but this time it's free)

While we're always pleased to get our scarred, scabbed hands on free stuff we hate to give up one of our precious Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays to do it. Major Nelson confirmed with our pals at X3F that this Wednesday's featured game would in fact be Undertow (again), but of course they're giving it away for free to say "sowwy" for all those ugly Xbox Live problems. So, no Rez HD or whatnot for you this week ...

For those of you who've already purchased Undertow, we also wanted to direct your attention to this comment by Xbox Live's Major Nelson: "If you have already purchased the game, you can contact support and they will take care of you." We imagine by "take care of you" he means "provide you with a code for a similarly priced game" and not "outfit you with a pair of cement shoes and send you into the drink." But hey, be careful when you call up, okay?