Prince Charles delivers speech as hologram, still manages to bore

Proving once again that technology can only do so much to jazz up a boring presentation, a holographic version of Prince Charles recently delivered a pre-recorded speech on the environment to an Abu Dhabi audience, and no one seems interested enough to have taken a photo. Using only a single camera and projector, technicians from British firm Musion were able to employ a century-old trick known as "Pepper's ghost" to record the Prince of Wales speak at Highgrove last year and then rebroadcast the performance as a way to congratulate the Middle Eastern country on its plans to build a zero carbon city. Environmentalists note that this method reduces the amount of fuel wasted on transporting celebrities around the world, although until a critical mass of venues have installed the necessary equipment and personnel on site, it would seem that hauling the system's entire support staff and infrastructure around isn't really doing all that much to cut down on emissions.

[Thanks, Dirk L.]