Voz Sports unveils Bluetooth Frequency watch, Multy LYNK helmet

Bluetooth watches and Bluetooth helmets -- been there, done that on both points. Still, Voz Sports is keeping our attention with its attention to detail on the Multy LYNK helmet and Sports Frequency wristwatch (shown after the jump). As for the latter, you can expect a black (2GB) or red (1GB) face, Bluetooth v1.2, a waterproof casing, included earbuds and USB 2.0 connectivity. Checking out the headgear, you'll likely appreciate the "voice-activated, wireless two-way radio communication via 14 FRS channels with 38 privacy codes," Bluetooth v1.2, its NOAA weather receiver, noise-canceling microphone, waterproof stereo speakers and AA battery operation. Each device is set to ship on April 1 (no joke!) for $249.95 to $299.95 and $299.95, respectively.

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