Purple Labs announces cheap Linux-based reference design

3GSM's "3G For All" campaign lives on in the hearts and minds of companies around the globe that are looking to capitalize on developing nations' nascent 3G networks, and this little gem is a pretty good start. Purple Labs, a purveyor of mobile Linux software stacks, has teamed up with NXP Semiconductors to announce the "Purple Magic" reference design, a flip phone that features 3G data, video calling, media playback, Bluetooth, and a Java virtual machine for a purely theoretical retail price of under $100. Though there's no telling who'll pick up the platform -- or when, for that matter -- it's good to see that companies have their eyes on the prize and have the technology and know-how to get high speed devices pumped out for pretty dirt cheap. Look for the Purple Magic to make its public debut at MWC later this month.

[Via MobileTechNews]