Microsoft weighs in on "Save XP" petition, sort of

It's no secret that there's quite a few folks hesitant (to say the least) to upgrade to Windows Vista, and Microsoft has somewhat accommodated them by extending sales of the tried-and-true Windows XP until June of 2008. That has unsurprisingly done little to satisfy most people, however, and some 75,000 of 'em have even signed a petition started by Infoworld that's attempting to "Save XP." After a couple of weeks, that now seems to have caught Microsoft's attention, although the company's response likely isn't what they were looking for. As Computerworld Australia reports, Microsoft says it's aware of the petition but that it's "listening first and foremost to feedback we hear from partners and customers about what makes sense based on their needs." As Slashdot points out, that statement's a little odd considering that most of the folks signing the petition are Microsoft customers, but either way it seems pretty clear that Microsoft is intent on showing XP the door as soon as possible.

[Via Slashdot]