Hands-on with NVIDIA's APX 2500, and yeah, it plays Quake

In one word or less: wow. NVIDIA's MWC announcement of the APX 2500 cellphone applications processor was a stunner and we expect the cellular community is going to welcome them with open arms. We've covered what the hardware is all about, but we've also found out it'll be packin' 7.2 Mbps HSDPA in many flavors, quad-band GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and it frickin' plays Quake 3, like a monster. While gaming doesn't mean it'll be a successful device, the 2500 certainly seems to have the grunt to get some serious work done and with its Windows Mobile 6 underpinnings, it'll play well with current software. The current developer reference sample is a bit on the fat side, though we expect the likes of HTC will put this thing on serious diet before it gets out to and into our pockets. Follow the link to see the admittedly -- by NVIDIA -- iPhone-esque GUI experience -- and bezel, earpiece, face.