NERF Wii Blaster is the coolest peripheral ever

Normally, we wouldn't care too much about NERF N-Strike on the Wii, one of many titles in development following EA and Hasbro's lucrative partnership. But our ears definitely perked up when we heard that the title will ship with a specially designed blaster controller, which will perform double-duty as a standard Wii gun peripheral, and as a functional, dart-firing NERF gun.

Shacknews provides an image of the sweet blaster, seen above. According to EA's press release, the game will feature single and multiplayer gameplay focused around "NERF mayhem." Honestly, we're expecting a run-of-the-mill Wii mini-game shooting title, but we're probably going to buy it anyway. After all, this run-of-the-mill Wii game comes with a NERF gun.

[Via Wii Fanboy]