SportsTime Ohio announces full-time HD channel

Not only is Cleveland, Ohio the first US city to boast four HD news channels, its MLB club will now have 100-percent of its games broadcast in high-definition. Just a month before it's second birthday, SportsTime Ohio is already launching a dedicated HD channel, which aims to provide "all Indians games and replays in HD." Furthermore, the network will reportedly have 24 / 7 HD programming available starting April 1st, but we're not exactly sure if non-game content will be shot in HD or simply stretched à la TBS. Currently, carriage deals have been landed with Armstrong, Buckeye CableSystem, Cox Communications, GLW Broadband, Insight Communications and most Time Warner Cable systems, and STO has vowed to work with other providers to get the channel loaded on as soon as possible. From the rest of the US to Northeast Ohio: congrats, we're quite envious.

[Thanks, Dan]