Sprint and Clearwire edge closer to deal, world waits with bated breath

It seems that Sprint and Clearwire have been hooking up and breaking it off for nearly as long as Qualcomm and Nokia have been brawling, but just weeks after hearing that the two were on speaking terms once again, we're now learning that a deal may be closer than ever. Reportedly, both firms are "close to announcing the formation of a WiMAX joint venture funded in part by a $2 billion injection from Intel," and if the agreement is indeed landed within the next few days, it would "create a new company that combines Sprint's licenses in the 2.5GHz wireless spectrum and Clearwire's spectrum in the same and adjoining air waves." On paper, the deal seems to make sense for all parties involved, but at this point, we aren't about to assume that's enough to actually see this thing through.