Eye of Judgment expansion coming March 27, online purchase required

When word broke earlier this month of an expansion to Sony and Wizards of the Coast's fourth wall-breaking PlayStation 3 card game, Eye of Judgment, few details were offered save for a promise of more cards and a rather ambiguous spring release. Now Sony has nailed down a specific date, March 27, for the 100-card expansion's debut, as well as let loose a number of details surrounding just what players can expect from the new set once they get over that intoxicating 'new card smell.'

While the additions are numerous, the most interesting bit concerns how exactly the new cards will be made available to players, as it turns out that Sony will double dip into the wallets of those who wish to try out the new cards first hand. According to the PlayStation.Blog, before being able to use any new cards purchased from the new set, the expansion will first require players to pay for a download from PlayStation Network, adding new artwork, animations, and rules for game's second set of cards.

We still don't know exactly how much this download will run, though the set's boosters and theme decks will continue to carry the normal asking price of $3.99 and $14.99 respectively. If there is a silver lining to be taken from this news however, it's that even those players who choose not invest in the new expansion will be able to play against those that do, no doubt excellent news for players who decide to stand strong against the tides of capitalism alongside their army of Biolith ninjas.