"Dreambook" mod gives the Cloudbook GPS, flash storage

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Paul Miller
March 5th, 2008
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"Dreambook" mod gives the Cloudbook GPS, flash storage

While it seemed touch and go for a few months there as to whether the Everex Cloudbook would ever hit store shelves, what's never been in doubt is the fact that hackers are going to have a field day with the thing. The first major hack is courtesy of Azazel from the Cloudbooker forums. His "Dreambook" mod incorporates an internal four-port USB hub to add all sorts of fun stuff like GPS, Bluetooth and 4GB of flash storage. He removed the webcam for the time being, and is having some trouble getting his replacement WiFi card to work, but it's certainly a promising hack. Next on the agenda is another small hub to support 802.11n WiFi and some 3G connectivity -- we like where this is headed.

[Thanks, David]
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