EA Mobile's Spore becomes first 3rd party iPhone game -- available September

Just in case you didn't catch the blip earlier between Steve's announcement of the iPhone SDK and the App Store, here's some fantastic news for the thumb-happy sect: Spore is coming to the iPhone. In fact, the EA Mobile title will go down as "the first 3rd party game on the iPhone." Sadly, it won't actually be available until September, but at least you've got a month to circle on your calender, right? Additionally, EA affirmed that there were "other games in early stages of development," and that it was "actively using the new iPhone SDK to develop games for the iPhone OS." Jump on past the break for the full release.

As anticipated, today Electronic Arts announced that:

- The first 3rd party game is SPORE for iPhone but we have other games in early stages of development

- The iPhone's touchscreen and tilt sensitivity is perfectly suited for SPORE and it will be available to play on iPhone in September

- We are actively using the new iPhone SDK to develop games for the iPhone OS

- As the leading publisher of mobile games world wide, we are thrilled to extend our relationship as a developer of games for various existing Apple products (Mac, iPod nano, video iPod) and now iPhone & iPod touch

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello Quote: "The animation technology in the iPhone OS enables us to build awesome games," said John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts. "I think iPhone consumers are going to be blown away by the games we create for this platform."