iriver's E100 reviewed before it hits American soil

As any true iriver aficionado would realize, just because one of its device isn't yet available in the US doesn't mean that it's not being thoroughly enjoyed elsewhere. Case in point: the E100, which was recently loosed in Europe, has already been acquired, photographed and reviewed by the cats over at Pocketables, and unfortunately for those certain of this thing's awesomeness, it's not exactly the surefire winner you had hoped for. Put simply, the fantastic styling and native FLAC support weren't enough to overcome the lackluster speaker output, subpar audio quality (for iriver standards, anyway) and non-integration of material on the internal memory and microSD card. Still, it seems that those without ultra-high expectations would be more than pleased with what the E100 is packin', but we'd still recommend giving the full review a look before pulling the trigger and never looking back.

[Thanks, Jenn]