Red Zune 80 now available... but only with Zune Originals engraving

Good news for all of you who missed the red Zune 80 during its short-lived (and somewhat delayed) Valentine's Day cameo -- Microsoft has decided to take your money after all. Yep, the red 80 is back, and it looks like it's a permanent engagement this time. The only catch is that you've got to do it up Zune Original style, which'll set you back another $10 - $15 on top of the usual $249, but that's the price you pay to have your player match your kicks, Dr. Hipster McHip.

Update: Apparently the Zune Originals site will sell you a custom Zune without any customizations (who knew?), so it looks like you can get crimson on the cheap if that's what you're after. Dollar dollar bill, y'all. [Thanks Micheal and Mark.]