Toshiba redesigns four Satellite families, intros Sleep-and-Charge USB ports

Just in case a completely ho hum 17-incher wasn't enough to keep your attention this morning, Toshiba is trumpeting its "design prowess" by introducing four "re-imagined" Satellites. As of today, the 13.3-inch U400, 14.1-inch M300, 15.4-inch A300 (pictured) and 17-inch P300 have all been ever-so-slightly refreshed with the outfit's Fusion Finish, Feather-Touch multimedia keys, white LED accents and built-in Dolby Sound Room technology. Additionally, Tosh is unveiling its totally useful Sleep-and-Charge USB ports, which enable users to charge up their portable gadgetry via USB regardless of whether the laptop is powered on / off or in Sleep mode. Check out the gloating in full below.

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