We say goodbye to April Fools' Day with Pii Pii

We know, Gob Bluth. It's sad to see things come to an end sometimes. But, with each sunset comes a new sunrise. Does that cheer you up, little guy? Good.

There were a lot of interesting things happening today. Oh, what with it being April Fools' Day and all, there's bound to be some interesting and entertaining stuff to read and look at, right? Good news: there are!

What we've gone ahead and done is gotten together some of today's best content revolving around the "holiday," and tucked it past the break. So head on past and get started. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

This can't be a game
ThinkGeek's Pii Pii Brothers takes the gold (literally).

Wii Sports without the Wii
In a shocking bit of "news," it was revealed that Wii Sports would be making its way onto the iPhone. Those of you rolling in the kind of cash to afford one, sorry. It ain't happening.

Anything but that, please
Both us here at Wii Fanboy (and, well ... us over at DS Fanboy) had some things we just couldn't bear to hear today. Even the slightest possibility of these becoming a reality are enough to shake us right down to our very core. So be sure to read DS Fanboy's and Wii Fanboy's lists of 10 April Fools' jokes we can't suffer.

Kia has no need for steering wheels
Kia shows off a new model of car taking full advantage of the Wii. As much as it would explain where all of the damn Wii consoles are, they're just pulling your leg. The closest thing you have to driving a car with a Wiimote is hitting jumps in Excite Truck.

Gallery: April Fools: KIA KEE_wii

We see what's poppin' with Reggie

It was one Photoshop that changed the comedic landscape for a team of video game bloggers forever. It's Reggie. And he has a big bag of popcorn.

We can make Tetris faster, rebuild it
Oh, Cubed3. You couldn't fool us when you tried to show off a 3D version of Tetris for WiiWare, linking to a page on Famitsu's website that just happens to not exist. For shame, because if there is one thing that we can say about this, it's that the made-up game looks very slick. Oh well ...

Fake Zelda movie trailer surprisingly high-budget
It's true. The trailer for a pretend movie over at DS Fanboy shows us all why April Fools' Day sucks on the internet: every now and then one of these jokers gets it right and comes up with something we want too much. Oh, and if we were casting, Rutger Hauer would play Ganon. He'd play the hell out of him.

For other April Fools' Day shenanigans that don't involve the Wii or Nintendo, hit up Joystiq. They posted a bunch of cool themed stuff today.