Indonesian mosques to get superfast broadband at discount prices

Think you're getting a decent speed for a decent price on your broadband? Well think again. Kuala Lumpur-based Velchip has just announced plans to create a vast broadband-over-powerline network which will deliver 224Mbps to users in Indonesia for about RM5 (or $1.57) per month. The goal is to connect Mosques across the country, linking together 400,000 houses of worship over existing wiring and delivering service to about 60 million users. The $14 billion project will be rolled out over the next three years, with participation from US satellite company STM Networks. It all makes that $149.95 DOCSIS 3.0 introduction look pretty weak, now doesn't it?

Update: There was a bit of a mixup over whether this service was coming to Malaysia or Indonesia -- we've corrected the problem.

[Via Slashdot]