More details on Acer's Eee PC-competing laptops trickle out

We'd already heard a few tantalizing details about Acer's forthcoming Eee PC competitors, but now thanks to some unspecified "sources at notebook ODMs" speaking to DigiTimes we have a few more tidbits on the low-cost laptops. If this latest report is to be believed, Acer will be shipping both the 8.9-inch Aspire and 12.1-inch Slim Gemstone Aspire in the second half of 2008, with at least the 8.9-incher unsurprisingly based on Intel's budget-friendly Atom processor. That model will also apparently be available with your choice of Linux or Windows XP, and your choice of SSD or regular hard drives (no word on capacities), with it setting you back between $300 and $450 depending on the configuration (that's a slight change from the $350 to $400 we heard earlier). Details on the 12.1-inch model are considerably lighter, unfortunately, although DigiTimes says that Acer ordered a million of the 12.1-inch panels in March, and that they cost between $40 to $50 less than other "high-end" panels of the same size. It also looks like Acer is trying to match Asus in the boasting department, with it reportedly declaring that it'll ship a hefty 5 to 5.5 million of the 8.9-inch models in the second half of 2008 alone.

[Via Electronista]