Remote control spy glasses offer built-in camera, music playback

Comically enough, these aren't the first sunglasses we've seen with a hidden camera built right in, but for those who don't need full motion video to catch someone red-handed, this much cheaper alternative should certainly do the trick. As you can tell from the not-at-all-noticeable modules flanking the sides, there's a 1.3-megapixel camera up there along with a rechargeable Li-ion, 1GB of storage and a pair of earbuds to keep the elevator music going even after you reach the eleventh floor. You'll also find USB 2.0 connectivity and a remote control for slyly snapping shots, but really, if you roll into a debutante ball with these gracing your face, expect your cover to be blown in record time.

[Via The Red Ferret Journal]