AgfaPhoto's DV-5000Z SDHC camcorder shoots 720p

Though not nearly as sexy (or well-spec'd, for that matter) as Sony's recently-unveiled HDR-TG1, AgfaPhoto's DV-5000Z still manages to hold its own on paper. Measuring in at 4.7- x 2.75-inches (12- x 7-centimeters) and weighing just over 7-ounces (200-grams), this HD camcorder features a 5-megapixel Micron CMOS sensor, 2.5-inch flip-out LCD, 3x optical zoom and an SD / SDHC slot to store everything on. As for shooting capabilities, it'll capture clips at 1,280 x 720 (using H.264 compression) and snag 16-bit stereo sound all the while. You'll also find USB connectivity, a rechargeable Li-ion and video out, natch. Unfortunately, there's no mention of this €249 ($393) device ever coming Stateside, but it'll be ready to roll in Russia later this month.