Tame cube concept dishes out your availability status

Granted, it's becoming increasingly simple to just Twitter your day away with the smorgasbord of connectivity options out there today, but if you're just too productive to bother with that, the Tame concept is likely to become your next best friend. The cube shown above can be equipped with customized statuses that will inform anyone trying to contact you (via Facebook, text, cellphone, IM, fax, telegraph, can-and-string, etc.) exactly why you aren't responding. For convenience, each panel is assigned a color depending on the severity of your away-ness (i.e. red for "I'm on a 14-hour flight to Fiji with no BlackBerry service."), which can easily be glanced by the owner if dashing off in a hurry. Of course, this thing would be entirely more appealing if it included a robotic secretary that actually screened your calls and passed along those that were important, but hey, you've got to start somewhere.