Light-emitting wallpaper runs your lamps right out of a job

Looking for a fanciful way to dress up your room even more after tossing in a set of ASCII Curtains? Fret not, as designer Jonas Samson has crafted light-emitting wallpaper that's sure to go over better than that solar iteration you tried years ago. Currently, the technology behind the invention has yet to be divulged, but all those tidbits should get clarified when it goes on display at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. We do know, however, that it removes the need for bulbs in areas that just require basic lighting, and judging by the shots on the creator's own website, designs could be lit in part, in whole or not at all. Still, don't write those fixtures off just yet -- you do care about resale value, right?

[Via Inhabitat]