Alone in the Dark 'Descent' trailer looks more than decent

Has anyone else noticed an escalation in intensity from the trailers for Atari's rebirth of the once loved horror franchise, Alone in the Dark? The first bit of video we saw had our hero, Edward Carnby, traipsing throughout all manner of empty (and beautiful) environments, smashing bits of furniture and putting out house fires. Then came the tech demo, where we saw the game's innovative inventory system in action, and learned of the terrible ways one can abuse mutant sewer rats.

However, this recent trailer for the game is a one-way ride aboard the Crazy Train -- flaming elevator shafts, headcrab knock-offs, and a high-speed escape from an ominously crumbling New York City? Yes, please. You can check out a cornucopia of recently released videos (including a "piping" hot trailer we've thrown after the break) on the Alone in the Dark Gametrailers channel -- then spend the rest of the day hoping all subsequent media for the game becomes more and more intense, until previews of the game's climactic gunfight on the mouth of an active volcano against a cybernetically-enhanced Bea Arthur begin to surface.