Comcast hires former O2 CTO, possibly starting wireless division

We're not exactly willing to sign up for even more punishment at the hands of Comcast, but all you masochists in the crowd should take note: GigaOm is reporting that the cable giant is "serious" about offering wireless services and has hired former Telefonica O2 Europe CTO Dave Williams to make it happen. It's not clear what type of wireless is being considered, but it's a good bet Sprint will be involved somehow: Comcast is still in that goofy partnership with Sprint called Pivot that hasn't gone anywhere, the two companies are rumored to be talking about a nationwide WiMAX network, and GigaOm thinks there's a chance it could up and buy the struggling carrier outright. That would be quite a move, but it's all just speculation for now -- we'll let you know if we hear anything solid.