Zune XNA games preview release aimed for May

Ryan Block
R. Block|05.05.08

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Zune XNA games preview release aimed for May
Microsoft's still isn't solid on a final consumer release date for XNA games for the Zune, but they are aiming for the first CTP (community technology preview) to be released in May. We also learned that Zune games can support ad-hoc wireless play with up to eight players, the devices won't support any hardware 3D acceleration, the "16MB for storing games" we heard before actually refers to how much Zune RAM games can take over, and Microsoft's got at least four games running on the platform (which may or may not ever be released to the public): Zauri (which we've already seen -- video after the break), as well as Hexic, Potato Chase, and Alien Takeover.

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