Sharp rolls out 46-, 52-inch LCD TVs with built-in web browser

Sharp has just let loose a pair of new sizable and feature-packed LCD TVs, although you're more likely to find one of 'em in a kiosk or a conference room than a home theater. Intended primarily for commercial use, the 46-inch TL-M4600 and 52-inch TL-M5200 each boast a full 1920 x 1080 resolution, along with a "sub-6ms" response time, a full range of ports (including DVI-D and HDCP-compatible HDMI), optional speakers, and a 1,500:1 contrast ratio on TL-M4600 and 2,000:1 on the TL-M5200. Both also boast fanless internal cooling systems to keep the noise down and, perhaps most notably, LAN connectivity complete with a built-in web browser. Of course, just because Sharp's targeting businesses and the like doesn't mean it won't sell you one, although you'll have to drop a hefty $4,000 for the 46-incher or $5,000 for the 52-inch model.