EXO-Wing is world's smallest jet -- worn like a backpack

Oh daddy, would you look at that. Forget jetpacks, we've got a deep ache in our G-Jetson-loin for this, Atair Aerospace's EXO-Wing, the world's smallest human-piloted jet. Smaller even, than the Gryphon parachute. It's on display right now in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of its Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy collection. The only thing we know about the EXO-Wing is that the twin micro-turbine-powered contraption is light enough to be worn as a backpack. Hell, we don't even know if it really works. Regardless, we've got our weekend booked... up, up and away!

P.S. The webbed creature below the EXO-Wing is sporting an Aerosuit for skydivers and Aquaman wannabes with a thing for Tom Jones.
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