Bezos: second Kindle is "not that near," Amazon to launch paid streaming VoD

At All Things D today Mossberg and Amazon's Jeff Bezos had a little discussion about digital media, which had a couple of decent nuggets. Check it out:

  • On Kindle 2: "There will be a second version, a third version, a tenth version. ... but a second version is not that near."

  • According to Bezos, on a title-by-title basis of the 125,000 titles available both in print and on Kindle, Kindle's sales represent 6% of total sales. We have no idea how significant that actually is (or what that means in dollars), but Bezos seemed to be fairly impressed with that number. Still, "Books won't go away just as horses won't go away -- they're still around."

  • Talking about whether the Kindle was built to work on non-CDMA networks (read: networks other than Sprint). Bezo said: "we're gonna -- we need to be thinking globally about the device, which we are." He almost slipped there and said "We're gonna launch internationally," but caught himself.

  • Bezos also announced a new, for-pay, streaming video-on-demand service for Amazon, which will be released in the next couple of weeks. The video should start playing "instantly," but we don't have any further details (like number of titles, library, price, etc.).