Xandros announces support for Intel's Moblin platform

Intel's Moblin tech is getting some big love at Computex -- first Canonical dropped the Ubuntu Netbook Remix on us, and now Xandros has announced plans to support the MID- and netbook-targeted system additions in future editions of its Linux distros. If that seems a little confusing, it's because it is -- Moblin was never supposed to be a standalone Linux OS, but rather a standardized Linux core stack designed to maximize the potential of Atom-based mobile devices. Of course, one of those mobile devices is a little machine called the Eee that just happens to run Xandros, so it looks like Eee owners should look forward to better battery life, faster booting, and "expanded Internet and media capabilities." Now the real question: is that enough to get people to stay away from the recently-revived-again Windows XP?